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The Ram Today you don't have to worry about work. Keep your optimism and confidence in your own strengths and you will be able to overcome any impediment!
The Bull Emotionally, things seem to be going in the wrong direction. If in the morning you feel that the situation is getting out of control, try to talk to your life partner and find the best option together.
Lately you have focused on solving serious projects at work and you forgot to enjoy the small pleasures of life. Get more involved in your family's life but at the same time, give up some of your exaggerated pretensions!
Do you feel that you are marginalized by your colleagues at work? Before looking for revenge, don't you think it would be better to analyze your own behavior? If you judge coldly, it is very possible to discover that part of the blame belongs to you.
Say what you have in mind without caring so much about others! Today, you will have to support your point of view in front of a large audience and if you do not show self-control, you risk being laughed at. Try to ask the advice of those who have gone through similar situations!
Today you will get involved in an important project with some of your colleagues. If you don't get along very well with them, you have two options: either give up your pride, either talk to your boss and ask him to put you on another team.
The peculiarity of the Aztec Zodiac is even more pronounced, because in the situation what you're going to read it does not represent you, then you simply choose from the 20 signs the one that represents you, according to one of the two tables of years (A and B) and 13 groups (choose the sign from the group tables according to your year of birth). Thus, the description that you think will represent you will be the basic one, and the other 12 will be secondary, in which you will find yourself partially and very little. Like civilizations in China, India or Europe, American civilizations have developed their own astrological system, based on the movement of stars visible in the sky. Archaeological research has established the year 600 I.d.C. as the point of origin of Amerindian astrology, although it is believed that it dates back even earlier.
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